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As a CPA with a master’s degree in taxation, Kevin understands the crushing effects of rising inflation and taxes, and he knows how to fight to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.


"Michigan is on the wrong track and I am running for State Representative to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Like you, I am frustrated with politics. Most elected officials have forgotten that their responsibility is to serve the people. I am accountable to YOU. Anytime you have a question, concern, or idea, you can reach me on my cell at 269-999-6726. Let's work together for a better future!"

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Too often, politicians will say what we want to hear to get our vote -- and then turn around and forget what they said they stood for. Kevin Whiteford's priorities are clear, and he follows through and does what he says he will do.

                          Lower the cost of living

                          Empower parents
                          Build safer communities

                          Stop wasteful spending

When it comes to the issues you care about most, Kevin Whiteford is on your side.


"You deserve a State Representative who works just as hard as you do. That’s why I get up every day and fight for a better future for everyone. Join our campaign!"


Vote August 6th and November 5th 2024

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