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Kevin's story


Kevin Whiteford was born into a blue collar working class family where he was raised along with his sister and three brothers in a small three bedroom, one bathroom house. Kevin watched his dad, a bricklayer, work non stop to provide the best he could for the family. It was this upbringing that taught Kevin from an early age that the key to a better future is hard work and a good education. At one point, Kevin’s dad had an opportunity to start his own small business and this is when Kevin saw the rewards and satisfaction his dad experienced. Determined to stay on the right path, Kevin committed himself to school, sports and work. Kevin had numerous jobs throughout school, such as newspaper routes, lawn care and landscaping, and working at the local mall -- knowing all along that this work ethic would help him achieve his long-term goals.

Knowing very well what he wanted to do in life, Kevin enrolled at Northern Illinois University, ranked as one of the top accounting schools in the nation. While seeking his college Accounting degree, he played on the basketball team. While finishing college in four short years, he took and passed his CPA exam during the last semester of his senior year.










After college, Kevin worked with a few of the largest accounting firms in the world. He performed audits and tax work by assisting clients with their federal, state and international tax and business issues. Kevin then worked for a manufacturing company where he was fully in charge of the tax department which did business in 50 states and 33 countries. While working for this company, Kevin went back to school at DePaul University to earn an MST (Master of Science in Taxation) degree.
















In 1997, Kevin decided to start his own public accounting and tax practice, specializing in helping small businesses and their owners minimize their costs to operate. Only two short years after starting his business, Kevin obtained his financial advisory licenses (Series 7 and 66).  While building new businesses from the ground up, Kevin also taught taxation courses at DePaul University. Today, Whiteford Wealth Management and Whiteford Properties works to make life better for our Southwest Michigan community by securing retirement plans for people, college savings accounts for students, as well as rebuilding and improving commercial and residential real estate properties.












Kevin is committed to giving back to his community the best way he knows how. His greatest passion is mentoring the next generation of young people, and therefore, Kevin has spent decades helping local high school and college students prepare themselves for their life goals. He actively speaks in various college and high school classrooms, and provides generously to many charities and non-profit organizations across Southwest Michigan including the Boys & Girls Club, Hospice, Children’s Advocacy Centers, Lory’s Place, People Helping People, Christian Neighbors, and many more.














It's the love and support of his wife of more than 37 years, Mary, and his three children and five grandchildren who live and work in Southwest Michigan that keep Kevin fired up to fight for a better future for everyone! 



Kevin Whiteford for State Representative
Kevin Whiteford for State Representative
Kevin Whiteford for State Representative

I share my neighbors’ frustrations and that’s why I'm running to tackle the tough issues and serve the people. We need to lower the cost of living so hard-working families can get ahead. That starts by electing the right people who will set priorities and lead the way for a better future.

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